Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Guy Update

So today I happened to stop in on a local business owner/friend. As we chatted, guess who should pass by her window? THE GUY!!!

Naturally I had to ask if she knew who he was. And in fact, she knew a little. She told me his name, but I am going to withhold publishing it so as to protect him. It sounds like he might need a little protection. He is a former ranch hand from Montana or Minnesota - she couldn't remember which. Anyway, he has experience with big cattle drives. She's not sure how he ended up here. He had a car, but then sold it for money. Then he had a motorcycle, but he sold it for money. Then he had a bicycle, and, well, you know the rest. Now he can be seen walking all over town. She also thought he seemed to wrestle with Tourette's Syndrome. And that is the total of what she knew.

It's not as glamorous as being an Australian spy whose mind was erased, but I guess my questions are answered (mostly).

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  1. Glad to know a little tad bit of who this guy is. Thanks!