Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good-Bye Winter...

Do you know what I did today? I sat outside and watched my husband and my son play catch. I wore sunglasses and no jacket. Keeping my nose pointed at the sun, I hardly noticed the two feet of snow still blanketing the yard.

Did I mention that everyone in my town has spring fever? A co-worker of mine wore sandals to work today, but also brought "warm" shoes for recess duty. People are talking about their gardens as if they are already planted. My kids are excited because olive-drab patches of grass are peeking up through the melting snow.

It reminds me of my favorite Billy Holiday song:

The very thought of you,
and I forget to do
those little ordinary things
that everyone ought to do...

That, of course, was a love song directed towards a person. But it clearly has applications for spring. We'll take what we can get. One degree fahrenheit at a time.

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