Thursday, March 18, 2010

A First

Today was the first day of the NCAA mens basketball tournament. Yes, March Madness. I married a sports fanatic, so it was a definite bonus that I loved the tournament as much as he did. We've had fun betting each other for the best brackets - I've even won a few times. We watched it at the department store while trying to register for our wedding. I watched it from my hospital bed when trying to stop early labor. I've watched it for years; and for years, I've had a vested interest: the Arizona Wildcats. There's nothing like being on campus when the tournament is on. Sometimes they got knocked out early. Many times, they made it to the Final Four. 1997 was our championship year. Lute Olson was the king of Tucson. The Cats have been invited to the tournament for as long as I can remember. Every year that is, until this one.

*Sigh.* So I'm feeling a little lost today. I mean, who am I supposed to cheer for? Gonzaga? Duke? (I don't think so). My daughter is doing a report on the state of Tennessee, so that's who she's rooting for. Most people around here are rallying around BYU. I'm just not feeling the love there, either.

I think I'll just sleep in my Arizona t-shirt tonight and hope they get invited next year.

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