Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Last night, the evening news featured a story about how a very small number of the population can actually use their cell phones and safely operate a vehicle at the same time. The rest of us are advised to leave our cell phones at home, tucked safely behind bullet-proof glass. The 2% who are evolved enough to do both, were called "super-taskers."

Excuse me?

They can do two things at once? Wow.

Yesterday I did laundry, cooked dinner (which included homemade strawberry lemonade) and helped my daughter with her oral report on the state of Tennessee. Oh - and supervised my son and his "play-date." All at once.

But I'm no super-tasker.


  1. Hey, can I have the lemonade recipe!!

  2. Did you get strawberries from Costco? They're HUGE.

  3. Every mom on the planet is a super tasker whether they admit it or not.

  4. Are you sure you're not a super-tasker?!! Cuz I think being a woman means you are one!