Thursday, February 11, 2010

Will Work for Watches

Also in the category of things I love: clocks and watches. Call it an obsession. From the couch where I am sitting, I can count 7 clocks. And then there's the rest of the house. I have no idea how many watches I own. The picture above is a sample of watches that all happened to be within easy reach of each other.

I've loved watches since I was a kid, when my dad bought me my first little Casio. It was a digital watch with a little blue strap. I still have it, tucked away with other mementos (and watches). It doesn't matter if the watch is an expensive designer version or a cheap bargain bin find. It just has to catch my eye. I CANNOT walk by a display case of watches without stopping to look. It's impossible. I don't leave home without one. I've left home without my wedding ring before, but never a watch. As a teen, I worked in a jewelry store that sold watches and Grandfather clocks. Can you say Heaven?

Yes, I own a Mickey Mouse watch. I even have a Batman watch. I own a couple of men's watches. Naturally, I own a pocket watch. My newest one is an airport find from my husband. You know that ten-dollar store? He found me an awesome watch there: it has a big square-shaped bezel, a bold, red face, and a two-tone white strap with red stitching. What's not to love?

My dad still surprises me with an occasional watch - the last one he gave me was a Seiko automatic. Maybe he's my enabler.

But I like it.

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