Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I SOOOO Need a Sarcasm Font

I'm going to a conference for the next few days, so I spent two hours after work today preparing for a substitute. In any other job, that would be called overtime. In any other job, I could take a couple of days off and not do anything more than say good-bye to a few co-workers on the way out. In any other job, the company would pay for the conference, give me a meal allowance, and reimburse me for my mileage.

So why am I a teacher, you ask?

For the money, of course.

In other news, I used the phrase "same bat time, same bat channel" on someone today, and I had to explain what that meant. Should I be worried?

Also, I recently started taking a Zumba class. It's aerobics, inspired by Latin dance steps. It's a lot of fun, but let's just say that if it were an Olympic event, I'd be the girl in the stands cheering for the girl who can actually make her body move like that. And yet, I can't stop wiggling my hips after class is over...

Finally, I just finished reading The Last Promise by Richard Paul Evans. It's a pretty good story, but it actually contains the phrase, "their love rose around them like a vapor." I had to stop reading for just a few minutes after that. I rolled my eyes so hard that my tears formed a vapor that rose all around me, preventing me from finishing the chapter at that moment.

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  1. Pretty much everything you've written here reminds me why we're friends. And my laugh is rising around me like a vapor. Or maybe I just need a shower.