Friday, February 19, 2010

I Have Something To Say About That

Last night I watched a 4-minute video, all about a group born between 1978-2000, called Generation We. I'm not posting a link, but if you want to see it, go to You Tube and type in those key words.

The video features several young people talking about the damage that the Baby Boomers have done to our country, and how they've had enough. They will soon represent the largest voting block in the history of America and will be able to take control and be a force for change.

Now I'm both a mom AND a school teacher, so I consider myself pretty "adept" at recognizing boloney when I see it. This is the biggest load of boloney I have ever heard.

They talk about how they are the most educated, most tolerant, most technologically adept generation ever. They insult the Baby Boomers, decry the national debt, and then propose a new, multi-billion dollar spending plan that will save the environment. They're tired of military conflict and lament the fact that 1 in 3 of them will develop diabetes. At least the Baby Boomers get some attention. They don't even mention my generation; all 120 million of us.

I've got a few choice words for Generation We: sit down and pay attention. I'm Generation X and I've got something to say. My generation CREATED the technology at which you claim to be so adept. My generation brought down the Berlin wall, inspired the student protests in China, and raced to our nation's defense on September 12. You were one year old back then, by the way. My generation sent more women and minorities to college than ever before. There are many great things my generation will do that have yet to be written. In the mean time, I guarantee you we will accomplish them while working hard and raising our children to be responsible, caring adults who understand where they came from; who appreciate those who went before them.

My parents are the Baby Boomers, who not only put a man on the moon, but sent TWELVE men there. CAT scan, MRI, digital imaging, advances in athletic shoes, water filtration systems, and cordless tools and appliances are just a small portion of the inventions that came from the Apollo Space Program. They also contributed to the arts - it's called classic rock for a reason. They saw America through civil unrest and presidential assassinations.

Their parents are referred to as The Greatest Generation. They fought the war "over there" to prevent it from coming here. Then they came home and rebuilt post-depression America and raised the Baby Boomers. They fought the Nazis.

You're fighting SUV's.

SUV's, by the way, in which you were chauferred around to your various soccer games and dance recitals, where you got a trophy just for showing up. Your self-esteem was over promoted. Let's talk about self-esteem after you've contributed something. You're worried about diabetes? Quit spending money you didn't work for at places like McDonalds. Stop blaming others for your problems and start working towards creative, innovative, and original solutions.

I dare you to do better than any of us who came before you.


  1. You. Go. Girl!!! That is what I have to say about that!!!

  2. Fantastic!!!!! You said it all!!!!

  3. AMEN! You said it better than anyone ever could. I am sooooo proud of you.

  4. My kids fall in that generation and I sure hope I have raised them so that they are not that stupid!! Well said, my friend!