Saturday, January 23, 2010

Uncommon Sense... Or Not?

Once again, I must first say that I grew up in Arizona. And yes, the phrase "uncommon sense" appears in the title of my blog.

It has been planned for several months that Thursday and Friday of this week were set aside for this teacher's group I'm in to meet in Provo, UT for a two-day mini-conference. Provo, in good weather, is about a half-hour's drive from where I live. To get there, you have to drive down a steep, winding canyon road . Again, in good weather, it's a lot of fun to drive - especially if you happen to be test-reviewing a BMW 535. The canyon itself is beautiful, with high, tree-lined walls, a flowing river, and even a waterfall or two.

Thursday morning ushered in the second phase of a pretty severe snow storm. As I drove out of town, I kept waiting for a phone call from ANYONE to say that we were going to stay IN town (as all the teachers are from this area) and just simply meet at the district office. But that call never came. So I began my long descent down the canyon. Had I not been wearing gloves, I might have seen the whiteness of my knuckles. But there was plenty of white stuff blowing across my windshield, to look at. It took me twice as long as it normally would have to get to the hotel. And of course, I was the only one who was late. But at least I was alive.

Coming back Friday was another adrenaline-pumping adventure, as I actually slid for several yards before regaining control of my car.

So am I the one with uncommon sense or not? Shouldn't we have just met here? Or have I joined the insanity of Northern Utah that says go ahead and drive the canyon anyway? My dad, who grew up in Park City, remembers only one time that they even closed school - half-way through the day - and they had to call in the National Guard to help get all the kids home. That was in 1968.

This global warming thing... I say bring it on.

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