Saturday, December 5, 2009

He's Just Not THAT Guy

We have never been a video game family. Nor do we have satellite T.V. or a DVR. Our kids don't have their own cell phones or their own t.v.'s. What we do have is lots of books, golf clubs, tennis rackets, and an endless number of mountains to climb. Our kids are really well-balanced and imaginative. More importantly, they're very good at finding ways to entertain themselves. Just earlier this afternoon, my 6-year-old son came into my room where I was napping and woke me up to tell me that "there are homes available in our area for only $199 a month. And they're big ones." See what I mean?

So it was with great deliberation and persuasion that I convinced my husband that we should buy them a certain video game system for Christmas. You know, the one with the nunchucks. I was pleasantly surprised when, earlier this week, he told me about an ad he had seen for a major big-box retailer who was offering a $50 gift card with the purchase of said video game system. He is SOOOO not the shopper in our family. What surprised me further was that he was willing to go to the store at 8:00 this morning when the store opened. Mind you, neither of us will ever be found within 10 miles of a shopping mall on Black Friday. I'd rather have chards of glass in my eyeballs. (Not really, but you get my point).

When he got to the store, the parking lot didn't appear to be too crowded. When he walked inside, there was a line-up of about 40 people for the electronics department. He called me and said, "I'm sorry. I just can't be that guy. We'll buy it somewhere else. Is there anything else you need while I'm here?" Amazingly, he went back to the sewing department and picked me up a yard of interfacing for a project I'm currently working on. When he got home, he handed each of the kids one those cute little round coke bottles.

Most people hearing/reading this story would probably say, "You mean you got all the way to the one-yard line and then backed off?" I can understand their logic. But sometimes, you just have to be who you are.


  1. What cute little round Coke bottles???? I NEED to know!

  2. Nevermind, I found them today!

  3. Avery got one of the Coke bottles and loved it. Now I can't find them any more. But I still want a Wii

  4. I am a Black Friday junkie, so I'm sorry that Dan is too much of a wimp to stand in a little line. If you lived close, I'd go stand in the line for you!