Thursday, July 17, 2014

Odd Jobs, Odd Memories

Paper Girl
Peer Tutor
Jewelry Store Clerk
JC Penney Clerk
Truck Stop Attendant
Preschool Teacher
NASA Intern
Elementary School Teacher
Floral Designer
Automotive Journalist
Freelance Writer

Once, while interning with NASA, I got to have lunch with David Levy, who was half of the team that discovered the Levy-Schumaker comet, which crashed into Jupiter. We ate hot dogs.

Once, while working at a truck stop, I met THE Tony Roma.

Once, when I was a paper girl, a guy in a Jeep clipped the rear tire of my bicycle and I went flying over the handlebars and crash-landed right into my dad's insurance agent's mailbox.

Once, while on assignment as a freelance writer, I got to meet LaVell Edwards, who called me "Cutie" and winked at me. He asked me if I was any good at golf and I asked him if he was any good at football.

Once, as an automotive journalist, I got to go off-roading in a Toyota FJ Cruiser along the San Andreas Fault.

Once, when I worked at JC Penney, there was this guy who always talked about going to Med School. It took me several weeks to figure out he was actually talking about Mexico.

Once, while waiting tables at our local Sizzler, a guy tried to set me up with his son. The son was also sitting at the table and turned four shades of crimson.

Isn't gainful employment awesome?

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  1. :) Truck stop attendant to NASA internship. That transition in itself is amazing. - John