Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random Thought About Tucson

I went to school in Tucson, at the University of Arizona (GO CATS!). Some of my favorite places in Tucson included Grandma Tony's Pizza (a mushroom slice to die for) McKale Center (home of the NCAA Men's Basketball Champions) and a place called Eegees.

Eegees is a sandwich shop, but that's not what they're known for. They have these slushes, that everyone calls eegees. "What flavor eegee are you gonna get?" When you're wearing a hot (I mean that in the literal sense) polyester band uniform at a Saturday afternoon football game in Tucson in September, nothing hits the spot like a frozen lemon eegee.

Today at the grocery store as I was perusing the ice cream section, I noticed that they had these little frozen lemonade cups on sale. I could never expect a factory-made, mass produced frozen lemonade to even come close to the bliss that is an eegee, but I had to give it a try.

I'm waiting for the kids to get home from school so that I can give it to them. They'll think it's a real treat.

By the way, my husband proposed to me at Eegees.

Do you pine for a hard-to-get-treat from your past?


  1. First of all, that sounds like Dan. We all know the only person that can top him in the romance catagory is Nate--"C'mon, we're gonna be late for my game!" Second of all, YES--drink of the day, my dear!!!

  2. I love Rocky Road candy bars, but they're hard to come by these days. Believe it or not, the $1 store is the one place I've found that still carries them (sometimes). Oh, and Big Hunk candy bars too. Oh, oh, and bit-o-honey! My dad used to bring these home for us. We'd wait for him to get in from work, knowing his pockets would be stashed with sweets!