Friday, October 9, 2009


Call it a premonition, prompting, intuition, or a gut feeling. We've all had them at some point in our lives. I woke up this morning with an indelible, indescribable feeling of anxiety. I have no idea why. I had no tangible reason for such worry. And yet I could not shake it. I went to work and it stayed with me. I teach from 8:00 until 12:00, so after work I decided to take a drive to Park City and walk around in an effort to shake it. As I pulled out of my school's parking lot, I had a strong feeling that I should go and check my kids out early from their schools. And when my mind goes into overdrive, as it did today, I know better than to ignore those feelings. I first picked up my daughter and then went to get my son. And then, as soon as he was in the car, all the anxious feelings melted away. Just. Like. That.

The rest of the afternoon was a delight. We did, in fact, go to Park City. We walked around. We shopped. We shared a chocolate-dipped strawberry shake.

Maybe I just needed to spend some quality time with my kids today. It's more likely that I'll never know why my day started and ended like it did. Whatever the reason, I've learned not to ignore my instincts.


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  1. Sigh-of-relief. Aren't you grateful for that sense, even if it's nothing? Just knowing they're with me, makes me feel better about this world our kids are in. And I'm getting an inking right now that I'd better get off the computer and on to baptisms...