Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Most Expensive Bag of Spinach Ever

Yesterday I wanted to make a stromboli for dinner, but I was short one bag of frozen spinach. I decided I would pick up my daughter at the bus stop and then make a quick trip to The Store for the spinach. It ended up costing me $162.00.

We've all established that I love where I live. We make Norman Rockwell's paintings look like they were done in downtown Beirut. Well, almost.

Yesterday, my daughter and I were the victims of a drive-by shooting. I was doing the driving, should you have any question. We were driving along the road, behind the town square, when I heard and felt a loud pop. It sounded like something had hit the side of my car. When I turned to look back, the rear passenger window was completely shattered, held together only by the tinting film. The tell-tale BB gun bullet hole was easily noticeable. My daughter, thankfully was sitting in the rear driver's side seat; she pulled a few shards of glass from her wool ski cap.

Not cool.

Knowing that the glass wouldn't hold long against the rain and the snow, I bee-lined it for the glass repair shop. The whole window fell out as soon I parked. The lady behind the computer looked up the proper window and said "I can get you one for $160.00. Do you want me to order it?"

As the rain blew into my car's backseat, I wanted to say, "Nooooo. I think I'll shop around." So they covered it with plastic and the window will be here tomorrow.

When I got home, I called the Sheriff's Department, wanting to report that I was the victim of a shooting. Honestly, I know nothing can be done, but if it happened again, they would at least have someone else on record as well. When I stated what happened, the person taking my call asked, "Did you see who did it?"

Unfortunately I hadn't, as I was busy making sure my daughter wasn't BLEEDING TO DEATH.

"Well, sometimes windows tend to crack on their own," he suggested.

Yes, they crack on their own WHEN hit by a BB gun.

Bag of spinach: $2.oo
New window: $160.00
Having a great story to tell: priceless.

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  1. Yikes! I'm glad y'all are safe! You're right...priceless!