Friday, February 18, 2011

Time For Some Uncommon Sense

As I sit here inhaling a cupful of leftover conversation hearts, I'm thinking about food. I love it. My penchant for donuts is no secret. But I did have a green smoothie for breakfast and an avocado sandwich for lunch. So here goes nothing.

An Open Letter to California:

Dear California,

I love your beaches. I love your sunshine. Disneyland? Fuhgeddaboudit. But I think all that sunshine has burned your brains.

A woman is suing McDonalds because she's tired of them "getting into her kids' heads." Really?!? You're the parent. It's in your job description to say "no." I do it all the time. Sometimes it's even fun. Try it. You might like it.

San Francisco went so far as to pass a measure banning toys from Happy Meals. So now it's just a meal, but still a meal nonetheless. Again, to quote Nancy Reagan, "just say no." I've got a suggestion for all Bay Area McDonalds franchises: Put a one dollar bill in all your happy meals. It's certainly not a toy, and I bet you'll sell more happy meals than ever.

Another Californian is suing Taco Bell because their meat isn't all meat (some of it is oats). Wha???? Is this REALLY a surprise to any of us? And by the way, have you HAD a Taco Bell Grande? It's delicious.

Still, another woman is suing Nutella for not being healthy. It's a JAR of CHOCOLATE. And mighty tasty, I might add. Newsflash: if you want to have something healthy, DON'T EAT NUTELLA. Try a celery stick for crying out loud. When I was a kid, the only time we got Nutella was when a relative would bring it with them from Holland. When it became widely available in the U.S., I danced in the aisle.

So in conclusion my West Coast Friends, get out of the sun for a while. Relax. I'm a little worried about you. I hear eating chocolate is a great way to relieve stress.


Is it just me?

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  1. Down with lawyers and greed. Driving past McD's yesterday I thought happily to myself that our youngest has no idea that she might want to go there.