Saturday, November 13, 2010

Heard Around My House

The following is a random list of things my children have said to me this week:

Not to make you mad or anything, but when you walked across the kitchen just now, I could seriously feel the floor shake.

Hey Mom, can you open this?

Seriously, you need to get me a flight simulator.

Hey Mom, can you open this?

I'm guessing since you just made bread, I can't have school lunch?

Hey Mom, can you help me with this?

Why are you driving DAD'S car? Is that even allowed?

Hey Mom, have you seen my ______________? (Fill in the blank)

Oh come on! Chicken again? You HAVE GOT to be kidding me.

Hey Mom, can you pick up my ziggurat?

Why hasn't anyone invented flying shoes yet?

Hey Mom, can you sign this?

That stuff you're mopping the floor with smells like cherry chocolate ice cream.

Hey Mom, do you have a magic eraser? I ACCIDENTALLY did something.

It was an ACCIDENT!!! (A different "accident").

Hey Mom, how do you turn this math problem into a percent?

Why is your shirt so puffy?

Question: where does a kindergarten teacher go when she needs a mommy break?


  1. Hilarious Cindy! I think you and I might live in the same house (except for the cherry chocolate ice cream floor cleaner).

  2. I DIED at the "Puffy Shirt" comment. I'm still dying. Also, what is it that you are mopping the floor with so that I can get me some?

  3. Lol!!! Can't stop laughing! And ditto what Lori said.