Saturday, April 3, 2010

This Good Mom Moment Brought To You By...

A helicopter mom I am not. I don't hover. As long as my kids are behaving like civilized humans I pretty much try to stay out of things. I know a kamikaze mom or two. Sometimes I fear I border a bit too much on being a U.F.O. mom. Sometimes I feel a little guilty about that. But then I insert my iPod earbuds and forget all about it.

But the other day, I did something right. I was upstairs when my 7-year-old came home from school. "Hello?" I shouted. Silence. "Hellooo?" I called out again. I came down the steps to find him buried under a blanket on the couch (his usual routine is to head straight to the kitchen for a snack, and simultaneously making a Transformer appear out of nowhere). "What's wrong?" I asked. Tears were pooling in his quarter-sized eyes.

"I don't feel good!" he wailed. Also a head-fake.

"Really? Are you achy?"

"No. I just don't feel good! And by the way, Hannah hates me now!" Hannah is his best friend. Yes, my son is a ladies man, and I will have to post about that at a later date. Hannah lives up the road from us and is moving. Around the corner.

"Well, I think I have something that might make you feel better."
"Can I call Hannah and see if she can come over and play?" he asked after devouring the $2.50 cupcake.

Yep, sometimes I do things right.

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