Thursday, April 15, 2010

Desert Springtime

This is a photo I shot with my cellphone... real camera photos to come (when I get home).

It's a picture I took while hiking yesterday in Sabino Canyon, a beautiful area on the northeast side of Tucson. They've had a lot of rain this year, so everything seemed especially lush.

My kids have never spent any real time in a desert setting and Jamison was somewhat wary of being surrounded by so many saguaro cacti. He wouldn't even go near the ribs of a dead one we came across during our hike. And then, towards the end of our adventure, he spotted something that caught his eye and ran right up to it: a gila monster. For you non-desert dwellers, a gila monster is one of two venomous lizards in the entire world. So my son, who wouldn't touch a dead cactus with a 10-foot pole, had no problem mingling with deadly lizards. "But I thought it was an iguana!" he explained.

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  1. Two things--One, do deserts look lush? Two, aren't gila monsters those things in the movie "Holes"?