Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2 and Other Stuff

The challenge for today is to take a picture of what I wore, but I'm gonna be kind of busy tonight, so here is a picture of what I'm going to wear! It's chilly out there today -- we've got a dusting of snow on the ground -- and I've got to run some errands before leaving town for the weekend. I'm going to Houston, where it's hopefully warmer, and I've got to pick up a big bag of cinnamon bears for my dad, because apparently you cannot get cinnamon bears in Houston! This information was confirmed when we discovered that my brother-in-law, a native Houstonian, had no idea what on earth a cinnamon bear is. I prefer the ones covered in chocolate, myself.

Also, I'm leaving my husband and kids for four days, which means I've got to stock the fridge with "easy food," as my husband calls it. On the list of requests: frozen lasagna and corn dogs. I promise not to read the sodium content on the packages.

Other errands include a trip to the bank and gas station. Then later my taxi service will be open for business as I'll run kids between school, piano lessons, tennis lessons, and church.

Perhaps we'll have "easy food" for dinner tonight.
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  1. Uh, HELLO!! You cannot get cinnamon bears out here, either (which are definitely my favorite candy) I'm sure, had you known this, you would have brought BOTH the plain and the chocolate-covered (LOVE them too) variety with you when you came to visit!