Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oh, That's Where I've Been

The end of school usually ushers in the care-free, stress-free, lazy days of summer.


But first there was girls camp to plan and prep for, and then execute. I think it was a success.

Then there was a parade in which my daughter appeared and at which my mother-in-law fell and broke her hip. Then of course, there was emergency hip-replacement surgery, not to mention the subsequent rehab.

Next came WIFYR, a week-long writing conference that was easily the best writing conference I've ever attended.

We managed to squeeze in a Father's Day cook-out.

Finally, one of those lazy, care-free days showed up. We saw a movie, had lunch, and watched Jamison make an amazing catch at his baseball game.

Then there was six weeks' worth of neglect to make up for in chores. I discovered that I hoard buttons... not on purpose.

Then my dad came, which forced us into a few more of those lazy, care-free, let's go hiking and fishing and to a car show types of days.

Tomorrow? Who knows? But it's nearly the 4th of July and I've got to get to work on my tan!

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