Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Evolution of a Mood

I woke up in a ridiculously bad mood today.
Can you guess why?

I was very well tempted to call in sick to work. I am sick of this weather. But I didn't. Instead I went to work and pretended to be happy for other people's children. As the snow pelted my face during recess duty, I thought of ways to lift my spirits. Historically, I turn to one of two things for therapeutic purposes: cleaning or cooking. Today I opted for cooking. Set to music. And then I cleaned the kitchen. I think it worked.

Could there BE a better song to cheer you up on a snowy day at the end of April?

Don't fresh veggies look pretty when they're being sauteed? The colors remind me of a beach towel.

And then I ended up with something that looked like a Hawaiian sunset. (I've never been to Hawaii, so I'm just assuming here).

Of course a hot bowl of pasta with homemade sauce is just the thing to warm you up when it's cold outside.

Even the little flowers on the window sill started to perk up.

And so did I.

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