Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm Baa...aaack

So I took a little time off to go on a cruise with my husband, in celebration of my perpetual 26th birthday. Ahem.

We went to Alaska. Just the two of us. It was spectacular. No phone calls. No kids. No responsibilities. There WAS, however, lots of unbelievable scenery, delicious food, and a helicopter ride.

If you're not the kind to get away without your kids, I highly recommend it. Not that I don't love my little brood. But when my batteries are recharged, it's so much easier to like them, too. A few years ago, there was a woman who wrote an article about how she loved her husband more than she loved her kids - and boy did that stir up a hornet's nest. Frankly, I got what she was saying. I love my kids. I do. But in not-so-many years from now, they will be grown and gone, even starting their own broods. That is what they are supposed to do. But if I haven't nurtured, defended, and protected my relationship with my spouse, then where does that leave us when the kids are gone? He's my husband, not my roommate.

So the escape was terriffic. We held hands, walked arm-in-arm along the waterfronts, kissed on a glacier, ordered lots of desserts, and generally reminded each other that despite the distractions of life, we are in love. I'm still swaying from the motion of the ship, but I like it because it's as if I'm still there. My return-to-the-school-year letter was in the mail today, but I don't care. I've got 19 days before I need to worry about it. Until then, I will be planning our next cruise!


  1. Wow! I loved reading this Cindy. You are a great wife, mother, & a super daughter-in-law.

    Dan's mother (I'm so glad you loved Alaska)

  2. You have some good points there! I read a magazine article years back where the author said that she would push her husband in front of a train in a heartbeat to save her kids. Hmmmm...kind of makes you think! Later, I heard something that resonated much better; that was a husband standing up for his wife when his kids were being naughty, and said to them, "if I hang on to her I can replace you!" Good comeback, huh? I hope Ryan and I can follow suit and take a cruise, our 10 year anniversary is in 2013, so it's an idea floating out there!