Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Palin vs. Mayer

I must have been on a Sno-ball sugar rush last night, because it took me a while to fall asleep. So I stayed up and watched Nightline, as Conan O'Brien spent far too much of his monologue bashing Sara Palin. Interestingly enough, there was an interview with Sara Palin on Nightline. There was also an interview with John Mayer.

Oh goody! I thought to myself, a two-fer!

You see, I adore Sara Palin. I may be in the minority of people who would actually speak up and admit that, but I like what she has to say. Plus, she's a hard-workin' mama.

I also adore John Mayer. I have all of his albums, I've seen him in concert four times, and "Try" is my all-time #1 favorite song.

Whether or not you agree with Sara Palin's views, I am continually boggled by the venom that is spit in her name. The Nightline interview, as you can imagine, was less than friendly. Barbara Walters reported that she had already made a million dollars from her book -- as if that was some sort of evil atrocity. I aspire to be a millionaire myself, and if it happens by way of a book deal, that would only be my lifelong dream come true. What really boggles my mind is how Sara Palin is constantly criticized, torn apart, and hated by other women. She's a mom. No, her kids aren't perfect. But if we were all judged by our kids' choices, we'd all be in deep doo-doo. She works hard. She fights for things that she believes in and in her words, she "calls 'em like she sees 'em." And yet, poison darts spew at her from all angles.

On the other hand, the John Mayer interview was favorable. The star-struck reporter called him a guitar god (I'd have to agree) and then went on to glorify him for all of the A-List actresses he's dated. He's a great musician, yes, and I will defend that to anyone who wants to take me on. But he's also a Mimbo (to use a Seinfeld phrase -- male bimbo).

And so in my late-night sugary coconut high, the most obvious of contrasts played out on the television infront of me. A family woman who isn't afraid to speak up is villified while a musician who gets around, is glorified.


  1. You know I love Mayer and Palin both. I have been online looking to see if she has a book sighning in Houston. She is a hard working Mommy. If a man had 5 kids and in office with a book deal nothing would be said. Maybe nothing would be said if she was ugly. I don't know. I love her. She proves just cause your a mom your life doesn't have to stand still.

  2. I love love love Palin. I also mostly enjoy John Mayer, but as a mother I can't stand his latest song, "Who says I can't get stoned"! So I agree - why praise him and bash Palin - It makes absolutly no sense!